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What Do You Want From a Coach?

I finally finished me certification course!!! Whoop whoop!

This past weekend I learned so much about running, coaching and more science than I could have imagined. We had a lot of productive conversations about what type of coach we all wanted to be. Some are coaching kids, some aspire to start running programs in their area and there was even one person who tried for an OTQ. We talked about what we wanted to contribute to the running community and how we planned to achieve it. It brought up some interesting questions about the type of coach I wanted to be but it also brought up what my clients would ideally want from a coach. As I start building a more specific coaching section I want to be sure to get feedback from you all as much as I can. After all the coaching relationship is first and foremost about what YOU want and what YOU are trying to achieve.

To start off with some basics:

  • Do you want someone who is more personable or more no-nonsense?

  • How many weeks do you want laid out for you at a time?

  • Do you want someone who checks in constantly throughout the week or only touches base once?

  • Would you rather have an in depth overview of your plan or take it an run? (Puns and puns and puns!)

  • Are you looking to just start running or are you looking to improve toward a specific goal?

Of course this will change from client to client but I would love to get an idea of what YOU prefer and the style YOU find most effective.

  • What are some things you wish a coach would do?

  • If you had your choice would you prefer texting or emailing your coach?

  • What do you feel is missing from the coaching world?

What else do you think is important? What other things do you need/want from a coach?

Feel free to add your own input to this! Comment below, email me at or send me a DM on Instagram

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