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Weird Things Runners Do

Who doesn’t like a laugh?? If you don’t than you are probably in the wrong place as a heads up…

If you are in fact ready for a laugh then buckle up butter cup!!!

Weird Things Runner’s Do

~Have a pooping ritual (Don't lie, you have one....)

~Too tired to do basic human needs but will go get miles in regardless of what happens.

~Wake up super early to watch races that they aren’t running/have no personal vesting in.

~Eagerly waiting for someone to bring up running in any capacity so that we can talk about running.

~Run races on holidays

~Look at people shoes to see if they show any signal of being a runner/know what running is so we can talk about it more. Even if they don’t we are still gunna try to bring it up.

~Stand at races trying to work up the nerve to go closer to the starting line, move up 5 places only to go back towards the back (repeat at least 5 times before the start)

~Have certain brands that they will not deviate from no matter how expensive it is, how much we hate the colors (shoes, clothes, etc), or how dorky we may look.

~Constantly looking for new recovery tools, potions and strategies but refuse to put sleep first on our priority list. Let’s all just wake up early!!!

~Run miles on end for the promise of a shirt, medal and free food.

~Sit in traffic and think they could run faster than this. (We totally could)

~Love to challenge people to a race even when we know we are going to get crushed.

~Feel slightly crushed when it’s not a run day but then want a rest day when we do in fact have to run

~Casually bring up our weekly mileage and then mention it again as if no one heard us the first time.

~ Insist on correcting people who describe a 5k as 3 miles when in fact it is 3.1 (or really adding the .X miles regardless) it matters to us.

~Referring to elites by only their first names like we personally know them.

~Keep signing up for more races even when we say we aren’t.

and the weirdest thing all runners do is…..


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