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Today is THE Day!!!

After months on logistics, second guessing myself and red tape I am proud to officially launch...


That's right, I am officially accepting athletes!!!

I never expected of running to become such a big role in my life and everyday I am thankful that it has. If you've been around before you may have seen my Open Letter to Running and gotten more insight on just how in love I am with this sport. It has felt like the natural step to come into the coaching world and help other runners or soon to be runners find the joy of the run.

My coaching philosophy is quite simple: Anyone that wants to learn to run should have the support to do so! I am excited to work with new runners, seasoned runners and everyone in between. I understand that training isn't a one size fits all, just because it's on the training plan doesn't mean that life won't get in the way, and most importantly you can never underestimate a good support system.

I want to help you achieve your next PR, take your very first run, get back into your groove after kids, wherever you may be in at this season of life.

Interested in hearing more about my training plans, have questions or just want to dip your toes into the running world? Fill out my contact form HERE and get started!!

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