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Tips to Help You Get Out The Door

No matter how much we all love running and working out there are always days where the last thing you want to do is get out the door. So what do you do?

I have days where I say F it and just don't go. Which is fine but we all know that eventually is starts getting TOO easy to rest and that's when we all could use a virtual push to get out the door and GO!

I thought it would be helpful to share some of my go to tricks to get me pumped:

  • Make a kick a$$ playlist of all your favorite songs/pump up jams that only you like and never get to listen to (including the ones with all the curse words that the kids can't here).

  • Pick out the cutest running outfit that you feel great in. I believe in the power of clothes making you feel awesome so I always "save" my favorites for when I need them the most.

  • Pick out a new route (or at least switch up how you follow the same route) to make it feel not as "Groundhog day ish"

  • This one isn't new but I've used it before. The 1 mile rule. Go out for a mile. If you still don't feel it then go home. Most of the time you will be like me and say "Well F it I'm already out may as well keep going."

  • If you are a parent and get to go alone, push yourself to go. We often don't get a lot of alone time and even if that means exhausting ourselves further it's still alone time. We take what we can get!

  • Hire a running coach---shameless plug! We are really good at motivating you and bugging you until you just go!

When none of the above works---even if you aren't one of my athletes---send me a email or a DM on Instagram and I will be there for you to help pep you up. From someone who runs by themselves all the time and only got some running friends recently, I understand how alone it can feel. When you don't have anyone to help you get motivated or pumped or out of the funk you may be in. No judgement ever---I'll be here for whomever needs it!

Instagram is @runningschmidt and email is

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