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The Unfiltered Schmidt: How Training is REALLY Going

I had a fellow runner recently ask me how training was REALLY going (Hi Dave!). I try to be pretty transparent here overall but thought it would be helpful to be a little more in depth that just an IG post.

*Warning---I am currently in the phase of training where all I think about is snacks, sleep and running so the fact that I am having a full on phillosophical moment is big. Mark this day down*

So if you are new here my very first marathon will be in December after I was supposed to run NYC last year (recap HERE). I’m in the midst of training and for sure am feeling the grind. At this point miles are miles. I still have joy in the runs but they are definitely getting tiresome, I can’t lie. The long runs especially are a third job and a half between the energy and time dedication. Between coming, running and also trying to do the whole run a small business portion it's a lot. I feel like my days are jammed back and while it is a lot I am really happy. This is truly exactly where I wanted to be last year when I started Running & Schmidt. So even through the sleepy droopy eyes, I do have a smile on and realize I am living what I set out to do.

Back to the physical running portion unfiltered: Most long runs I am unenthused to actually go out and do them. I’m tired, achey, and basically feeling like I’ve already ran a marathon. Then I’ll get out and within a few miles feel fine and have a good run. It’s a battle of mind and body for sure and trying not to let my mind win and psych me out is a fitness journey on its own. My other runs throughout the week haven't become as draining mostly because they are shorter. Even my speed work isn't as taxing because again it been capping at around 7 miles which is no small feat but when you compare long runs to that I will take it!

Some days after running I have ZERO energy and when you are a mom especially that is obviously less than ideal—- after my long runs it’s not plausible to nap, sit and rest or even refuel like I obviously need to. It takes juggling, “planning” and a lot of willpower to keep it all moving forward. I've seen it a lot before that motivation only goes so far and as much as I hate the connotation that usually goes with it the general sentiment is true. Motivation isn't going to be there every day or even every week which is where I am hitting now. I am running literally and figuratively just on love. Love of the sport, love of running, love of challenging myself and let's face it pure craziness too.

Shout out to my mom even though she may not even see this but literally without her help this would NEVER be possible. She is the best and deserves a shout out!

I’ve surprised myself a lot at what my body can take and what it can do even when it’s yelling at me for doing this. Most people in the throws of training will tell you “I’m never doing this again” but for me I know it’s a lie. I know I’m going to do another marathon and not just because I already have a 2023 entry for NYC Marathon. I know I like to pushing even when I hate it, I know I like seeing how much I can do, how far I can go and how much faster I can run. I know I’ll do marathons as long as my body allows me—-I just now have more perspective on what that’s going to entail. It makes me a better runner for myself and also a better coach for others even if they aren’t doing the marathon distance. You learn so much about yourself and the sport in general when you are training, you leave each cycle with something new.

The actual marathon race isn’t the only thing to humble you. The training alone is enough to make you remember that this isn’t for the faint of heart. I wake up every day with a plan on when I’m running, strength training and fitting it all in—-it almost never goes to plan so I’m constantly in troubleshooting mode. Even being aware of the time it would take up and the toll it would take on my mind and body there is no way to be fully prepared until you’ve gone through it. If I didn't have strong "Whys" or such a deep love for the sport I don't think I would be able to keep trudging forward.

Even after my 14 miler this weekend I felt really strong, steady and overall fit which surprised me. Then because of that moving schedule and troubleshooting I just talked about I had an easy 4 miler the day after. I knew I was sore but didn’t worry to much about it because in all honest I’m pretty much in a constant state of soreness. However, in the most dramatic way possible that first .25 of my run was HELL. I can’t even try to sugar coat it. My legs felt like glass, everything hurt and right then and there I wanted nothing more to just say “NOPE!” and go home. But of course I’m stubborn, a coach and a runner soooooo what do you think I actually did?

I stopped, stretched, cursed a little (A lot) and then ever so gentle tried to stride again.

It hurt but I also reminded myself that the marathon is going to hurt way more and I know my body well enough to know true pain and when it’s just discomfort. So I dusted off my age old go to “If it sucks after a mile then stop and go home”. After a mile I felt completely fine and finished my 4 miles again feeling strong and even having a nice little negative split.

Moral of the story: training is going….I honestly think it’s unfair to say if It’s going good or bad because it just IS. I’m not totally convinced that from an internal prospective I can judge how my own training is going. Which is why I am very transparent that I use a coach (HI HIRUNI!!) because I don’t listen to myself or give myself credit, I’m much better at doing this for others 😉. I’m happy with where I’m at training wise even though I do wish my fitness was up a few notches but I’m learning to be ok with where I’m at considering the hurtles of this year.

I’ll make a point to do another update as I near race day——T minus just over a month!! How the heck is that possible?!?!? But for now I’m just going to buckle in and keep putting in the work and eyeing my long run this weekend like it’s a black hole about to devour me.

Cheers to all those running NYC this weekend and have a big NY pizza for me!!!

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