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The Honest Running Dictionary

Regardless if you've ran 1000 races or are just lacing up your shoes for the first time, there are so many different names, abbreviations and terms in the running world.

So from someone who has been around the block (or track) a few times I figured I'm very much qualified to compile an explanation on some of the terms that you'll run into consistently. By very qualified I mean that I run, I have a blog and think I'm hilarious. So with that being said---Here we go!!

*You will notice that all race distances include the base miles plus some. This isn't like "Whose Line is it Anyway"---The distances aren't made up and the points do matter*

Running Dictionary According to Shelby

  • Pace—-How fast you run a mile and the never ending comparison game that we in fact do need to end. You start out running saying "Wow! I just ran a mile in ______ minutes." Then very quickly it changes to "Wow, it took me so long to run a mile". Pace is just a measure of time, not your worth!

  • 5k—-A distance of 3.1 miles Where most people start out racing and get the “bug” or those goo goo eyes and feel a little flirty. As if to say "Heyyyyyy racing I see you *Wink *Wink* Call me, maybe!"

  • 10k—-A distance of 6.2 mile. Where you start the "dating period" and decide that you're ok using formal titles such as runner, training schedule and semi crazy for doing this. You may even experience the uncontrollable urge to use the "L word". Just be the one to say it first, nothing worse than being caught by surprise.

  • Half marathon—-A distance of 13.1 miles. You're in a serious relationship, you love and hate it all at the same time and keep coming back for more. You go without makeup and have no shame if you didn’t shave for a few days (or a week). But for real---lets get the Mumus!

  • Marathon——A distance of 26.2 miles. This is the equivalent of a marriages golden anniversary. You're in this for the longggg haul no matter how terrible you look or feel. Wrinkles, blisters and chafing are just part of it. You can't imagine your life without running and take it all in for better or worse.

  • Ultra Running——Something I still can’t wrap my head around and have no relationship equivalent or witty illustration to match it with. It’s A LOT of miles. Basically anything over marathon distance. It can be DAYS of running. You read that right, DAYS. Which means that you get at least 2 whole pizzas to yourself when you finish. That's just science. Right?

  • Negative split—-when the last half of your run is faster than the first. Basically when you feel like a gazelle, a cheetah or another graceful land animal. Or if water is your thing then a dolphin or great white shark. Whatever makes you happy you speedy creature!

  • Personal Record or Personal Best---Aka:PR/PB—-your best times that you likely will post everywhere because it’s friggen awesome! Make sure to take a super sweaty selfie hilding your medal and include the caption "I friggen did it!" because it's something to be celebrated!!

  • Strength training—-The equivalent to folding the clean laundry you just took out of the dryer. You hate it but ultimelty it makes everything easier and quicker in the long run (love my puns!) Plus you will kinda feel a bad ass once you can do a few sets or even use heavier weights. But don't tell my running I said that---It gets jelous when it thinks there's a new activity in my life and gets too possesive.

  • Cross training—-biking, swimming, and basically anything other than running. Which let’s face it---runners don’t usually like to do anything but run but just do it. Your body will thank you and you won't just be known as that crazy person who is always running in the neghborhood. Your neighbors will now have different activites to put your "crazy" title with---I like my identity to be well rounded.

  • Rest day—-Exactly what it sounds like, an entire day WITHOUT a workout. The best and worst day because you get to rest but then you go into the panic that all your fitness will be lost in 24hrs (Which doesn’t happen_ but yet the freak out will come and before you know if you are 3 beers and an entire pizza into the rabbit hole. #balance 🍕

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