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The 10 Commandments of Stroller Running

  1. Thou shall have no other excercise before stroller running (it’s hard enough) Do other workouts after, especially if it's leg day.

  2. You shall not make unrealistic expectations for yourself. You’re pushing yourself and another human (or more) be happy with whatever you run!

  3. You shall not utter the words “My pace is only _____” pace doesn’t matter or exist with strollers. The limit does not exist (if you don’t get the mean girl reference please go immediately watch the movie)

  4. Remember your why. It’s usually the tiny human(s) you’re pushing

  5. Honor your body and your mind. If you get into the run and don't feel it then maybe consider just walking with your little one or letting them walk with you. Sometimes that little bit of joy will make you feel better than getting the miles in.

  6. You shall slay every mile and feel like a badass while you do it. Especially when you pass someone else running without a stroller.

  7. You shall not commit to a route where you don't have the ability to turn around or get home within a reasonable time. Between weather, tantrums, or countless other reasons it's always smarter to go on a looped route so you know that you can get home quick if need be.

  8. You shall not steal your kids snacks without asking because you WILL trigger a meltdown. Take the extra 2 min and bring yourself a snack. You can thank me later.

  9. You shall not forget to check the tire pressure of your tires before heading out. There is nothing worse than getting a mile in and realizing you need air in the left tire. For some reason it's always my left tire that loses the air first so I check that one twice.

  10. You shall not covet another mother’s stroller free running. There will be a time you will want a tiny human yelling for you to go faster and asking for another snack, drink of water or to run with you. As hard as this season of life is. It’s the ones you will look back and smile at. We know that we all hate other people telling us that but from one toddler mom in the trenches with you I get it and still urge us all to try to take a step back sometimes and breathe.

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