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Starting Fresh & Finding New Challenges

None of us have it all together, don't be fooled. We all know that Instagram and social media as a whole is a highlight reel but even the non highlight real is still filtered.

I try to be as transparent as I can be while still keeping my boundaires. I don't share anything overly personal that I wouldn't share with my good friends, I don't share my daughters picture and I don't air my dirty laundry. However, I do make it clear that I have ups and downs, I struggle and sometimes I just very blatently don't give a F.

I am a mother, runner, human and someone with a healthy dose of anxiety.

I am a big believer in making it super clear that while I am knowledgable in various areas it doesn't mean I have it all together all the time when it comes to myself. I have days where I don't get outside enough, I don't fuel my body, I don't want to move let alone run and that I am by no means a super human/mom. I try my best on a lot of aspects of my life but I am the first one to be transparent that I don't run at elite speed, I don't have abs, you will probably never see me post a bathing suit picture and full disclosure I do take multiple pictures before I pick which one I use. This doesn't make me any less real or any less relatable. It's just me being me.

I haven't gotten back into the full swing since my marathon or my hiatus. I wrote just the other day that my running hasn't felt great and the comeback is a struggle.

So with all of that being said I know that I need a new goal, a new outlook and a new challenge. Throwing myself into an activity that I've never done and just putting that carrot in front of my face to chase helps take some of the pressure off of what I "should" be doing or how fast I "should" be at this point. The unknown thrills me and terrifies me but at the end of the day "Why not just go for it?". So that's exactly what I am going to do---GO FOR IT!

I am officially signing up for a triathlon!! It's not going to be easy and I'm picking one that seems doable (is that even a thing?) I know on their own each leg is 100% doable so lets string them together for the ultimate test? Maybe I'll crash and burn, maybe this will be a new love and maybe once will be enough. The exciting part is it doesn't matter. I have nothing to prove and nothing to lose. It gives me an opportunity to build my fitness, be a bit more well rounded and not be on a run grind before my half marathons at the end of this year.

As I sit here watching Quest For Kona (available on YouTube) I can't imagine ever doing a full Ironman but never say never. For now I'm good with my little baby Tri and whatever it's going to look like. Anyone a Tri star out there who wants to share some advice?

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