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Running Bucket List

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Some people have bucket lists for their general life....I have a bucket list for my running life

These are goals that I have for my running, both big and small as well as races that I want to run one day. While I may never reach all of these, I will reach some. It may sounds funny, stupid or down right impossible but who the F cares?

Races I Want to Run:

  • Boston

  • New York (Was supposed to cross this off in 2020 but then COVID-19 hit sooo yea)

  • A beer run of any kind

  • Marine Corp. (Half or Full)

  • Dopey Challenge

  • Any Disney race

  • Key West (Half Marathon)

  • Olympic Trials

Running Goals in General:

  • Run a Full Marathon

  • Run an Ultra

  • Sub 25 min. 5k

  • Sub 4hr Full Marathon

  • Sub 2hr Half Marathon

  • Sub 1:30 Half Marathon

  • Get an Olympic Trials Qualifying Time

  • Break the tape (don't care on what type of race just want to do it once!)

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