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Overthinking The Run

I am a classic overthinker for literally everything.

Did I send that email? Did I sound ok on that call? Did I turn the oven off? (actually did this driving to meet new people who thought I was lying until they actually got to know me and realized that’s just one of my many endearing quirks (Hi Amanda!!!)

Overthinking is basically the super power I don’t want. I put a lot of work into not letting that leach into my own running which isn’t always successful.

I think a reason a lot of people decide to run is in theory you just need a pair or shoes and a road/trail. Even though we all quickly become obsessed with new gadgets, gear and whatever we think will help our runs—at the core, running is all about the basics. It’s something we learn to do shortly after walking and if you’ve hung around a kid for more that a minute you know it’s their preferred mode of transportation.

So why do we make it SO difficult?

Especially during a training cycle it’s easy to overthink every decision, every step and every run we have. While there is a science behind running and training, it can quickly become just another day to day activity we overthink and zap the joy out of it. It become a chore vs a release from our daily lives.

Classic Runner Overthinking:

  • My pace is too slow

  • I look like I’m out of place running here

  • Do my thighs jiggle too much?

  • Do I need to get that new (insert whatever gear) to become faster?

  • If I don’t run X distance will people not take me seriously?

  • Do I have to go to the bathroom again? (often thought of just as you are getting done going to the bathroom)

The stone cold truth is most runners really do just want to share the joy of running. We don’t care if you ever run a marathon, we don’t care what part of your body may jiggle and even though we love new gear the bottom line is the only thing that will make you a better runner is working for it.

Not all overthinking is a bad thing though with running. Some items that are good to constantly keep in the forefront and make sure don’t slip through the cracks:

  • Do I need to drink more water? (yes)

  • Am I slouching? (Probably)

  • When’s the last time I stretched? (BE HONEST)

  • Have I fueled/ trained properly?

  • When was my last rest day?

  • Is it worth going pee for the 100000 time so I don’t risk leaving the house with and milligram of urine left in my body (who else hates mid run pee urges?!?)

  • Is my stride ok or am I over/under reaching?

Remember: this whole running things it’s supposed to be FUN. With the exception of a few of those who follow me/read my blog—most of us won’t be elites. The physical act of running isn’t our job. We choose to do this (and often question “WHYYYYY?!?”).

Try not to overthink putting one foot in front of the other and getting so caught up in the improving that you forget how basic running really is.

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