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My Relationship With Running

To understand the journey you need to know the beginning....(In a galaxy far far away----Just kidding!)

Welcome! I'm so happy that you've found your way to my little slice of the internet. (Regardless if it was intentional or by accident---I'm not that picky)

I'm starting this blog to share my running journey and everything in between. Even if your not a runner I hope you enjoy following along and maybe even are inspired (or gently nudged) to start running on your own!

One day, I just started running...

When I first started thinking of exercising, I had the thought a lot of people do “Running is THE exercise that only fit people do.” I laugh now because this is the farthest things from the truth.

To rewind a bit, I was never a super sporty kid. I dabbled here and there but nothing ever really stuck for long. Fast forward to my early adult-ish years and wanting to be healthier I decided to get active. Don’t worry, this isn’t a “I lost weight and my whole life changed” type of story. Yes, a lot has changed but it’s not because I lost weight. 100% honest though the only reason I started running was to lose weight and will never pretend that I did it because I loved to exercise because I didn't. Ever.

I remember first run and just trying to make it to the next mailbox, lamp post, a house a few yards away, etc. I remember the huffing and puffing and the side stiches every time I ran a few steps. There was some swearing involved too if I recall. I had no clue what I was doing and honestly sometimes still question if I do. But slowly I struggled less and less and decided I was going to do a 5k because why not look like I'm about to pass out in front of strangers? I was so nervous and my only goal was to run the whole way, second goal was just to finish. I enlisted my husband to run with me who to this day is still not a runner but he puts on a good face for our annual Thanksgiving 5k

(Quoted by my husband on a yearly basis)

Race day... Dunnn dunnn dunnnnnnnnn

We decided to do a color run that was happening locally. Now after running for a few years I realize the importance of checking the course before you sign up. Up until that race I only ran on the sidewalk not realizing that some races are not all on concrete. Welcome to the panic of realizing not even a quarter mile in that a big chunk of the course was on dirt/sand. I just kept repeating to myself “Just run the whole thing, you can do this” while profusely sweating from anxiety and the South Florida heat.

Spoiler alert: I did run the whole thing and I didn’t die. I felt like I was going to but didn’t—it still surprises me to this day. I finished feeling accomplished, nauseous and certain I would never do another race (That's about when I took the cover photo for this post) That thought lasted until the exhaustion wore off and I downed probably 2lbs of pancakes and god only knows what else. After I became human again and recovered from my delirious heat exhaustion I started searching for my next race while my husband graciously offered to hold the car keys and my bag while he was a loving spectator 😉

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