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My Favorite Brands

Can anyone ever have enough running clothes, accessories, shoes, or just running stuff in general? That's a rhetorical question....The answer to more running stuff is always Uhhhh, YES!!! But since this space is called Running & Schmidt I will also be including all the other "Schmidt" for the people around you who may not be runners...Even though all of these products can be used for/while running....Just sayin'😎


I got introduced to this brand randomly at my local bike shop while I was getting my stroller tires fixed and was drawn to them because I can't wear polarized and have a hard time finding pairs that aren't. I fell in love with the Swank style and loved the price even more! They do offer polarized options as well if that's your thing :)


I switched from a fitness tracker that shall remain nameless back in March and I honestly don't think I'll ever use a different brand other than Garmin. Not only is there customer service really good from my experience, my 245 Music hasn't let me down. I love that it's not a touch screen for when I'm all sweaty and


Super comfortable running clothes and cute lounge wear as well! I have a special place in my heart for rabbits as well which just adds to my love. Made in the US AND a women owned business!!! Click HERE for 15% off your next order, just enter in your email when prompted and your code will come up (Disclaimer: I am an affiliate/ambassador of this company and want to be fully transparent that by using my code I do receive incentives and/or a small commission. Even though that has no bearing on my love for the brand I feel like it is only fair to let you know)


When my last wireless headphones died I originally was just going to replace them with something cheap before I stumbled upon AfterShokz and was intrigued with the fact that they didn't go IN your ear. I am a safety freak and liked the fact that I could still hear my surroundings and didn't have to do the "One ear in, one ear out" technique. They are worth the investment in my opinion and come in a few different styles/sizes which is an added bonus!

Erica Sara

Hand made pieces with countless options---Running and non-running related items with most of them being able to be customized to what YOU want them to say. I love that she cuts, polishes and engraves everything herself and she shows the REAL side of running a business and being a mom! Like we've all said, shopping small helps real families and real people---if you haven't already checked out her work than I encourage you to give it a peek! @ericasara

  1. Run Ring Set

  2. Customizable Wish Charm

  3. Customizable Double Strand Braclet


I've written HERE about my love for my Mizuno's so I'll keep it short and sweet here. I love the KNIT versions and they will be my go to for however long they make them! @mizunorunningusa


I hadn't really been using anything special to rehydrate after my runs other than good ole H20 but during this summer especially I felt like I needed a bit more. I have tried a few different of the Nuun varieties but these 3 are my favorite. I use the Vitamin and Immunity interchangeably and then put half of the Rest tablet in my nightly tea---It is heavenly! You can also find them at local stores which makes it convenient! @nuunhydration


I found these gems at my local running store and couldn't resist. I have super tight calves and these are great for after my long run, easy runs or whatever I am doing. One piece of advice is to measure before buying! I was thinking I'd be a small and was a M/L. They have for arms, lower legs, upper legs and a whole bunch of varieties that can help with your recovery. @zensah

Sarah Marie Design Studios

I got sucked in with the "Mama Needs a Run Shirt" and have been hooked ever since. Sarah is another strong mom who make hilarious shirts, tank tops, mugs, etc. and everything is great quality. The shirts are so soft and comfy and the mugs give me just one more way to obnoxiously announce my running and coffee obsession, Use Code: Running&Schmidt for 10% off your order (Disclaimer: I am an affiliate/ambassador of this company and want to be fully transparent that by using my code I do receive incentives and/or a small commission. Even though that has no bearing on my love for the brand I feel like it is only fair to let you know) @saramariedesignstudio


This mother-daughter owned company has some of the best "on the go bars I've found. They are organic, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO just to name a few of the highlights. With a bunch of flavors to choose from you are bound to find one that suits your tastes. They have singles, minis and variety packs. My favorite is the sunflower butter and chocolate! @GoMacro


I dealt with my socks slipping and kept getting frustrated with the blisters on the back of my ankle. While these aren't cheap they last forever and BONUS for every pair of socks sold they donate a pair to homeless shelters and other organizations. They have ankle styles, calf heights and different size packs so you can mix and match to your preference. @Bombas

There are SO many great brands out there! Feel free to comment or share your favorites with me here/on Instagram!

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