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March Running Playlist

With this being my birthday month (and the official last year of my 20’s) I decided for this playlist to take a little trip down memory lane for some of the songs/bands and artists I loved when I was younger. While there are some newer ones too I tried to keep it mostly “old school”. Talking some middle school jams that we sang to not even having a clue what they were actually saying. (Circa: To the window to the wall type of stuff)

Can you tell I’ve always had a mix of musical taste? Also, definitely went through a little pop punk/pop rock phase brings me back to middle school with my blue hair and gothic clothes. *FASHION* Simple Plan, Panic at the Disco, plus a little Green Day for some good measure.

This months playlist: Running & Schmidt Spotify

What bands were you obsessed with when you were younger? Ever go through that super random punk phase and obsessed with Hot Topic? (Sadly I can't find any pictures from when I went through it but I will say the blue hair was AMAZING and I'd maybe bring it back one day.....Maybe.

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