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Make Running Fun Again

Weeks of training, being disciplined with routines and miles and then finally finishing that goal race that you’ve been building for. You cross the finish line, post the awesome photos and share on #medalmonday

Now What? Where do you go from here?

I love a goal race just like anyone. The drive to get better, faster, and stronger feeds my competitive side and my type A personality that loves checking off that win. But when everything is said and done, how do we run without a race or goal? We are used to focusing so much on the finish line that we can feel lost when we cross it. Runs can often feel empty, lonely and pointless (especially for those who experience the dark/cold of winter). It’s a hard season literally and figuratively to go through.

I’d love to drop some deep philosophical answer on how to shake the rut but in all honestly it’s way more simple than that....

Make running fun again. When it seems like a chore and doesn’t seem to be feeding your soul that is exactly when you need to inject your runs with more fun and less pressure.

Don’t fret sweet runners because I am the queen of fun (ok maybe like the jester but you get the point). Also, because I’m all for simplicity none of these are hard to do, you just have to do what speaks to YOU.

  • Make a broadway themed playlist---I personally love Rent and Wicked so jazz up the playlist with something really random. Picture the show in your head as you run and enjoy the randomness of listening to show tunes—-I guarantee you’ll be dancing along by Act II. Show tunes not your thing? Do some theme playlists. I ran to Adele the other night just because I needed to be all in my feelings and nothing does that better than Adele.

  • Dress up!—-stealing this one from Molly Seidel’s book when she wore a literal turkey costume to her turkey trot. While you don't have to go full on feathered try just wearing a new running outfit, seasonal leggings/tanks or even just rock a neon outfit head to toe. Whatever just gives you a chuckle.

  • Talk on the phone with a friend/run with someone---Not only will this keep you accountable/keep your pace easy but it also helps to not always run solo. Bonus points if you bring in a non-runner and add another wacky person to our ever growing community.

  • Throw out the pace goals, distance goals and just run with your heart----While I am a lover of my Garmin and believe in training plans, sometimes you just need to run. While I don't recommend doing this when you are nearing a race (Guilty of this close to my race last month) sometimes we just need to run however we want. Doesn't matter if its a mile, 4 miles, 14 min pace or 9 min pace---just run for the love of running.

  • Sign up for races just to race-----much like running with your heart its also fun to race just for the experience. Get friends together who either don't run or who you don't normally run with. Sign up for some short distance races instead of a half marathon or a marathon. The joy of busting our a 5k can be equally if not more rewarding. You have WAY more to choose from since 5k's are like m&m's---they are a crowd pleaser that are posted on almost ever weekend. It's ok to just want to race without shooting for a PR. Take this as your good to go sign!

What are some of the ways YOU put the fun back into running?? Feel free to comment, DM or even share over on Instagram tagging @runningschmidt

Like I always say, if we aren't having fun then really what is the point?

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