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Koala Clip Review

I’m that runner who brings my phone on EVERY. SINGLE. RUN.

It’s the safety but in me, I never want to be in the position of not being able to call for help if I need it. I totally get where people say it can be bulky or they want to unplug and not be bothered but for me in this day an age there are too many reason why you NEED to have a phone on you.

I’ve tried many bands, belts and baubles to hold my life line to the world (dramatic yes but hey I’m a tech kid) Until recently I was using a belt to hold everything but kept getting tired of the bulk around my hips and started to find it impeding my stride and comfort.

I had heard about the Koala Clip on multiple podcasts, seen it posted by a lot of athletes and finally decided to take the plunge. I got the original style to test the waters first. Even thought pricing wasn’t vastly different, I went with the cheapest figuring if I liked just the basic then it would be a good fit. (Pun intended). They have different sizes and offer measurements to help you determine what size you need. For reference I have a IPhone 11 with an Otterbox case on it and got a large. I don't struggle to fit the phone in and it has a little room to spare. The nice thing is that even with the extra room it still doesn't move or shift while I'm in motion.

When I got my package in the mail I was way too excited. I loved that the care/use instructions were right with the clip and it was short sweet and to the point. This momma likes direct and no fuss. Also, shout out for the minimal waste packaging on the eco friendly side of things. 🙌

I washed up the clip per instructions and also to appease my germaphobness. It washed up nicely but was pretty wet coming out even after the spin cycle so I had to pull out the liner so it would all actually dry vs just sit in its own dampness.

Going out for my inaugural run I was so excited I didn’t even put it on right. I had to look at the pamphlet again because apparently I couldn’t retain simple instructions. I initially just clipped the clip onto my bra without realizing I needed to actually tuck the pouch INTO the back of my bra—-cut a mom a break I hadn’t had a lot of coffee.

Once it was properly secure and I started running I did have to adjust a smidge just because it was new for me but overall it was comfy and felt like in that spot I was wearing a little bit of a thicker bra. Even in the Florida heat it wasn’t uncomfortable and already a big step up from a belt.

I was super bummed after my first run when I noticed some ripping near the clip area. I reached out to the customer service and then were super quick to address my concern and send me a new UPGRADED Lux clip. Mind you they had no idea I’d be writing a review on this so it was just their true kindness shining! It worked out because I was able to compare the different types back to back (I just can't stop with the puns!!!) and see which I preferred.

Comparing the Lux to the original:

Price Point:

Original: $28.88 USD (Tenacious Teal) Lux: $33.99 USD (Tranquil Tidepool)

They have other clips with sayings, images, etc plus even sports bras on the site! Mayyyy be tempted by more soon.....The Lux fabric is indeed luxurious and was even softer on my skin. The best I can compare it to is like a sport tank materiel. The Original is still soft but I find it is a rougher like a sport tank mixed with a basketball short feel—still soft but the Lux blends in with the feel of my other clothes more. Also, I felt like I kept a smidge cooler with the Lux vs the Original (even in late morning South Florida heat)

Both models sat snuggly and comfy in the back of my bra and didn’t move at all. You feel it but I didn’t feel like it impeded me in any way. In fact, I actually feel like it improved my posture/form. Now I don't have anything impeding my hip movement and with the clip nestled between my shoulder blades I could easily tell if I was rounding my shoulders or squeezing them together.

It was kinda like having a reminder to not get sloppy with my upper body. IE: too rounded and I didn’t feel the sides of the pouch near my shoulder blades, keeping my shoulders/back too tight and I was squishing the pouch. Finding the sweet spot literally just FELT right and helped with my back fatigue.

Another difference between the Lux and Original is the Lux has a extra little slit on the inside for a credit card, ID, etc. not a big draw for me personally BUT I can see for some where it comes in handy especially if you’re running from point A to point B with a purpose and need cash, card, etc.

Overall, I’m in love with the clips and wish I would have bit the bullet sooner. While I used my belt for my phone for a while and it’s was OK, the clip has been a huge game changer. Only 2 weeks in and I definitely know this will be a new staple in my running gear “Needs List”

Visit Koala Clip HERE to purchase

This post is not sponsored and I have not been paid for it. The opinions above are entirely my own.

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