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It’s Time To Say Goodbye

It’s been one heck of a ride the last few years : I got married, had a kid, found running, changed careers, lost 60lbs (twice), went through a pandemic, gained/lost a lot of friends and found myself again in the best way possible. These past 10 years were everything and nothing that I imagined but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But like all good things, eventually they have to come to an end regardless if we are ready or not. Do you embrace the change or run away? Well first off, I’m gunna do both!

It’s come that time to say goodbye to the Shelby of yesterday and embrace a new era, a new decade and a new age: THIRTY!!

How in the hell am I thirty? Seems like just yesterday I was excited to get my drivers license, turn 21 and be in my mid twenties. While I still may look 16 (thank you to my kick ass genes), my soul has always been older. Alas, this old soul is feeling nostalgic and philisophical. The biggest takeaways from my (short) life so far may not be the same as someone who is twice my age but I hope that it resonates with you nonetheless. Both on and off the run…..

  • The scale really doesn’t matter: I spent countless years worried about the number of the size of my pants, if I was heavier one week to the next and if I lost weight between diets. At the end of the day though if you are healthy then the number is just that; a number.

  • Don’t care what people think: I’m not saying to be a witch with a B but every once in a while take that broom out and ride it. I tried fitting in, waiting for the “right time” and dulling my sparkle. Only within the past year have I found my voice again and feel like myself.

  • Running is hard but worth it: If I could go back I’d start way earlier but then again maybe there was a reason I didn’t find running until my 20’s. Running has brought my joy, heartache and growth. I realized if I can run miles upon miles and still function then I can pretty much get through anything. Including a LITERAL marathon that both broke me and made me feel the most alive I ever have.

  • Don't neglect your mental health: After many years of band-aiding my long term needs I finally am in a groove and learning that I have to sometimes say NO just because-- Not having a "reason" or justifying why I won't do something. Instead, embracing that I don't have to do anything or stay anywhere that I don't want to. Take the time to rest, recover and have some self love. Those who love you will understand even when it's hard.

  • Worry less: While I am a worrier by nature I've realized what waisted energy it takes up. Worry doesn't solve anything, doesn't replace the anxiety and only zaps the good energy we could build in the meantime. It's hard to worry about the unknown but if you use up too much time thinking about the "what if" you miss out on a lot that could be filled with love, light and fun.

But my all time favorite realization that I finally "got" in my twenties is....NO ONE HAS IT ALL TOGETHER!

Not the millionaire, not the mom posting on IG that posts her kids eating veggies over cookies, the person with 3 college degrees or those who just exude confidence 24/7. We all have shit we are working through, dealing with and have the feelings overwhelm us when everything being less than perfect. Don't compare yourself to someone else or what they portray. We are all hot mess expresses even if we don't admit it.

Goodbye to my 20’s and all the unnecessary worry I put myself through. Hello to being Thirty, Flirty and Thriving 😉

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