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Internal Thoughts of a Morning Runner

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

If you wake up at ungodly hours to run countless miles, you can safely fall into the category of "crazy morning runner". You know them, you see them, you are them: we are the ones with headlights, neon vests, half opened eye lids and enough coffee in us to fuel a small rocket.

Most of us don't run with headphones in at that time of the morning for safety so we have A LOT of time to think. Have you ever ran more than 3 miles without headphones? I don’t love it, it allows me to have WAY too much time to think and my mind is like black hole with no end in sight.

While my endless thoughts just wont stop every once in a while I come up with some gems that I can‘t help but share.

So with that being said, I present you:

Internal Morning Running Thoughts

  • WHY am I up this early!?!?

  • When is the time change for it to be brighter earlier? (Then repeats spring forward fall back and try to do math at 5am to what time it would actually be).

  • Passing the same house you did earlier but now they have lights on: “Ohhhh look who’s awake now”

  • Seeing someone’s garbage/recycle full to the top: “Damn did someone have a party?”

  • When you see another runner like you crazy enough to give up sleep: “Did we just become best friends?”

  • Seeing a dark object that I can’t fully make out: “Is that a human/dog/ wild animal”

  • When a car seems to be slowly coasting along past every house: “What is that car doing? I’m gunna break out my ninja moves——watch out!!!!! Oh it’s just paper delivery l, carry on”

  • Literally every time I bump my pepper spray against myself: “Please don’t let me pepper spray myself”

  • Passing houses with lights on: “Doesn’t anyone sleep around here!?!”

  • When there is a mound of tree clippings taking up half the sidewalk or road: “Do they have any trees left?!?”

  • When anyone comes around a corner, otherwise of the street or basically into existence remotely near me: “Stay awayyyy”

I know I can’t be the only one to have these thoughts and I’m sure that everyone has their own!

What are some of the thoughts YOU have?

Tag me on IG HERE and share your own!

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