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Hitting The Wall at Mile 25 of 26.2

Less than a month ago I had a pretty big life/career curve ball thrown at me and it was just as bad as hitting the wall at mile 25 of the marathon.

The app that I had worked with and put a lot of my heart into unexpectedly announced that it would be dissolving. To say I was heartbroken is an understatement. Just like that, I went from running full speed ahead towards the finish line to being told that the race was being called off.

I wasn't the only person reeling from the shutdown. Our entry community, staff, etc. were left with a very daunting question. "What now?"

If running has taught me anything, it's that as long as you keep going forward you will end up somewhere new. So I did what any rational runner does---I had a good cry, ate a bunch of carbs, and looked forward to my next figurative race. What did I want to do? What direction did I want to go? Do I need to stretch a little bit more? (The answer to the last one is always YES!). But that's the awesome part about the running community, just when you fall, there is always someone to turn to.

Enter in one of my BFFs (Best running friends) Christine. Someone who I hadn't even known a year ago had the foresight to pull me from the funk and open my eyes to a new route, a new outlet, and a new beginning.

With a simple text message, a new venture was born. 2 weeks ago we officially launched a podcast that is 100% us!! I am proud to introduce.....

"Time for bRUNch!"

(Available on Apple and Spotify!)

Using our voices, love for all things running, brunch, and general random quirkiness, we decided to take those lemons and make an electrolyte-filled pitcher of lemonade! With the common goal of wanting others to enjoy running and movement in general while also having fun, it was a natural fit to blend our worlds. BONUS: Each episode has a structured workout built in so you can take the guesswork out and do what you do best: RUN!

We are cooking up a bunch of fun things on and off the mic and are excited to create a community where all runners, levels, and backgrounds are welcome. Our hope is that we keep you company as you log the miles, bring you smiles, and have you coming back for more. *Good to the last bite 😉* Pull up a seat, grab some pre/post run fuel, and join us for all of the hi-jinx that will undoubtedly ensue!

Our episodes (New every Saturday) are on Apple and Spotify with the bRUNch fun continuing on Instagram and our Facebook Community!

Come one, come all, bRUNch is served y'all!

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