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Going From PR's to Lbs.

No, I'm not talking about weight gain. (Even though full disclosure COVID quarantine didn't help my waist line but I don't really give a flying F).

I'd say based on people I've talked to very few runners LOVE strength training. There is a reason we call ourselves runners after all and it's not just because strengthens doesn't have the same ring to it. I’d much rather zone out and run 3 miles then have to focus on gathering equipment, engaging new muscles and figuring out body weight/actual weights. Running for the most part I can do with my eyes closed (figure of speech—don’t ever run with your eyes closed). Granted it’s not easy but I’m in my element when I run. With strength training I feel like I have 15 arms, 7 legs and I don’t know what to do with any of them.

I had been hard core focusing only on miles, paces and PRs. After this entire race year basically became non-existent, schedules being thrown off and my overtraining I knew I needed to take a step back and build my base and not get reckless. Insert----Strength Training (Dunn dunnn dunnnnnnnn). The Achilles heal if you will of the running world. Some runners are great at it and others (Who shall remain nameless for their own protection) don't do it enough (or at all.....Geesh stop judging!!)

Anywhooooo.....I took a stride back and decided to make a true effort to add it to my rotation. Figuratively, literally, and all the soreness that it will bring.

I went through a few different apps before finding one that seemed manageable and not like I wouldn't be able to sit for a week after a single workout. After a full week of sticking to it I actually started to enjoy it. Not that I'm about to go bench press 300lbs but I am up to 10lbs for most moves----Move over Schwarznegger!!! To do the workout app I do need minimal equipment but since I'm not going to be going into a gym anytime soon and I had a Amazon gift card I wasn't as hesitant to get some of the essentials. I have a set of 10lb free weights, loops resistance bands (for squats and stuff) and resistance bands for the doors.

Other than the looped resistance bands these aren't the EXACT ones I have but if you click on the pictures it'll bring you right to the Amazon page so you can check them out. I get nothing from ya'll purchasing the items just figured I'd help out for anyone looking for a starting point 😊

I know the over the door resistance bands look intimidating but they are AWESOME. I put off using them for a long time because they seemed way to complicated but they are 100% worth it.

If you aren't ready to make an investment on all of the above pieces I recommend the over the door bands 1st, looped bands 2nd and the free weights 3rd. You can sub the free weights for whatever you have on hand. The other day I forgot to grab mine before I started my workout and proceeded to use my kids story books. Gave me a good laugh and did what I needed by adding a little extra weight. While the looped bands are great you can also get a super cheap rubber pair that work too. The fabric ones just don't move as much which me and my thighs appreciated.

The app that I currently use is FIT by Katy but there are a ton of people on instagram, youtube, etc. that share free workouts that you can follow. I've listed a few below so that you can check them out as well to dip your toes into the strength pool. Now, even though I'm not a physical therapist or personal trainer I will stress that you should make sure to include all sorts of movements in your workout. Make sure you are moving side to side and really engaging your core on the necessary exercises. Treat your strength training just as you would your running. Focus and engage!!

These are some of the accounts I follow---All but 1 is a runner but all love health and fitness and it shows!! A little something for everyone and plenty of inspiration to go around!

  • Audrey @Runningthealley (She is a runner AND is about to launch her fitness business in less than a month and I am SO excited!! Be sure to sign up for updates and the release because it's going to be AMAZING!)

  • Lindsey @Lin.Health (She is a registered dietician and also shares great food content too especially for those who want to be more plant based and not sacrifice taste)

  • Stephanie @Stephpiruns (She is a running coach and a physical therapist who stresses the importance of both. Plus she has some amazing highlights about injury Q&A's which are super helpful for those who are injury prone)

  • Annie @Anniepfit (She is a kick ass mom of 2 with a love for fitness and overall health. I love seeing her workouts and her juggling the balance of being a mom. She's basically a badass and a half)

Happy lifting!!

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