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Coming in HOT 🔥 With Dash Running Shoes

Thank you to Dash Running for sitting down to talk with me and sponsoring todays post!

Do you ever find a brand and just instantly feel the vibe?

Setting the scene: You go to your local running store or favorite online store browsing new running shoes. You need them, you want them and you instantly fall in love with a pair only to realize that the price tag is equivalent to a small fortune.

We all know the importance of a GOOD pair of shoes. We can’t pound the pavement day after day in our old school Converse. You will end up with sore feet, an injury and more than likely a blister the size of Mt. Rushmore. But with many other things to work into our budget I know I often will put off getting a new pair of shoes for as long as I can and often haunting sites left and right for a good sale. There is no bigger thrill than getting a new pair of my fave shoes, but I am kinda over the hefty price tags.

All the above is why I was epically pumped when Josh from Dash Running Shoes reached out to me.

The Highlights:

  • Affordable pricing—I’m talking $70 people!!

  • No “seasonal” updates and over produced “versions”

  • Accessibility to ALL runners and promoting inclusivity in underserved communities

  • A company founded by runners, for all runners, with a true passion for the miles.

I hadn’t heard of them or even looked at their shoes yet but something intrigued me right from the initial email: Affordable Running Shoes….Uhmmmm YES!!

Josh was an open book from the start. Not even just with me but on the site alone. They give an entire breakdown of WHY their shoes cost what they cost. They use their years in manufacturing to slash the price for consumers while also producing a high quality shoe. Based off the most well loved designs of the bigger companies they are stripping it down to what all of us runners beg for. A shoe we can run in and love without having to worry about when they will change the color, jack up the price and inevitably change a perfectly good shoe with a “new” feature that makes us hate it.

Dash Running isn’t looking to be the next Nike, Brooks, or Adidas. They are producing their shoes with the every day runner in mind. Those of us waking up to squeeze in our miles between work, kids, school and whatever else is on our to do list. The runners who want to be healthy (mentally and physically). The every day runners that make up the majority of the community we know and love.

Sitting down for a chat as well as countless emails with Josh he didn’t hesitate to answer all of my burning and nerdy runner questions:

Unisex Sizing:

Josh: “It turns out that there is no difference in the molding or fit of men’s and women’s running shoes. In the industry the same lasting and molding is used to create the exact same shoe for men’s and women’s… the only difference is the labeling. All of the shoe companies excessive differentiation (including colors and genders) really just drives inventory and other costs. Offering few color ways and unisex sizes enables us to keep costs lower for our customers.”

In our talk I also asked Josh about their goal to donate a pair of shoes to Sole Train – Trinity Boston Connects I appreciated the idea but wanted to know the "why" and the goal behind it especially for a newer company.

Philanthropy Goals:

As he started talking you could feel the passion for running through the phone and the genuine call to expand that passion to others who may not otherwise get into the sport.

Which brings in the natural fit to partner with Sole Train and the amazing work they are doing within their community. Connecting 250+ students, ranging between grade 5-8, with adult volunteers to practice twice a week during the school year to help build confidence using physical activity. While hosting various events and races throughout that time frame they lead up to Sole Train’s culminating goal race: Boston’s Run to Remember, a five-mile race or half marathon. For every 9 shoes bought from Dash they will be donating a pair to Sole Train to insure that they continue to have the proper equipment to keep reaching, growing and thriving.

(Photo courtesy of Sole Train website)

Further instilling that running not only helps our mind, body and soul but can change someones life with one step and one mile. Dash Running wants to support that and further expand the inclusiveness drive for the running world and more.

Shoe First Impressions:

Getting down to the shoe itself. Taking in that new shoe smell, feel and overall highest hopes and expectations! While my sizing isn’t yet available to test out the shoe I enlisted one of my athletes along with the best model a girl can ask for; my husband!

No lie I’ve never seen his face light up at a pair of shoes before and I'm not just saying that either. He perked up as soon as he laced up and was pretty freaking pumped. Mind you he isn't as in love with running as I am but mark my words he said he was ready for a 5k. I am putting this here as proof he said it folks!

Husbands first thoughts:

  • Comfy!

  • Have to get used to the 12mm drop.

  • Seems true to size

He also asked that I make the note of the following: Good new for all the parents out there the toys didn’t stand a chance (these bad boys rolled over them flawlessly and his ankles are still in tact)—if its good for toys it’ll be good for rocks we encounter on the run.

Heel Drop:

I'll admit, hearing a 12mm heel drop was surprising and I definitely had that on my list to ask Josh.

As he explained: The thought process was that runners primarily are heel strikers even when we try our best not too. Therefor, in order to stick to their mission to fit the bulk of the market the higher drop was decided. Putting my coaching hat on and digging into further research I did confirm that about 70% of all runners are in fact heel striker which is something I hand't actually realized prior to writing this---Always learning!

The higher heel drop does promote a heel striker to get more into a mid foot stride which is more ideal. Also, with the higher heel it gives more cushion in the heel portion so the foot isn't absorbing all of the impact coming with each step. My husband is not a heel sticker by nature hence why it felt a little extra foreign to him but he immediately loved the cushioning itself and how it wasn't too bouncy like a Hoka.

All in all I think it's safe to say this is a big shake up in the shoe world with their pricing and philosophy---I'm welcoming it with open arms and can't wait to try them for myself and log some miles!

Stay tuned for more to come and a full review!

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