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ABF Prime Up Challenge Review

As I had said on instagram I am normally not a “challenge” person. Most challenges focus on losing weight/inches and mask themselves. Hiding behind fake cheering of feeling good they in reality are just a diet dressed up and parading around pretending to be good for you.

I get where people may see the word challenge here and lump it in with the rest of them but hear me out: Audrey is not that person.

She makes it abundantly clear that you can make this your own and there is NO wrong way to do the challenge. You don’t have to use the macros, you don’t have to do all 5 days of workouts and most importantly you don’t have to lose weight. I went into the challenge to build my consistency and to make my strength training a priority, not an after thought.



So, I did it!!! I signed up *cue the slight panic* The process was easy and I got $20 off since I’m an ABF member (woot woot!) so it came out to just $40 for the 30 days which is still pretty cost effective given that you have the workouts, FB group, macro guide as well as a lot to content sent to you to learn the ins and outs of what’s to come and how to set yourself up for success. There is also a chance to win prizes if you do the checkins so a little extra incentive to take the plunge and sign up if you have any hesitation.

Getting Started:

In my groups tab of the ABF app the day before the challenge started I had a message that brought me to the workout calendar and a handy resources tab. In that tab Audrey had outlines a Macros 101, FAQ’s, recipes and more. It was nice to have all of it in one place to review and get familiar with. Since I have been an ABF daily member for a year now and having been used to the app I knew how to navigate the workout portion but if I was going to follow the Marco guidelines this would be very helpful and make a lot of sense to someone who may have never dipped their toes into that world before. Since I wasn’t doing the macro portion I didn’t head the advice on bulk cooking or meal prepping. Honestly I’m at that point with motherhood that I eat more or less the same thing every day with very little deviation so I mostly always have food “prepped” in some regard.


Even though the challenge includes the macros, I had already known I wasn’t going to be using them. Nevertheless, I did fill out my questionnaire so I could accurately review what I was given.

I was happy to see that there was a focus on whole foods and real life suggestions. I was also pleasantly surprised that she was very complimentary of my choice with no pressure. She provided my macros if I wanted to use them but in no way tried swaying me. There was a base grocery list, suggestions for specific diets and for personal preference. Even for me, a pescatarian of sorts, most of what I already ate was in the menu and it was super refreshing to see real foods vs packaged/replacements. While there were protein bar suggestions I found it was done for convenience not being preached as an every day replacement for full nutritious meals.


I know Audreys style of training but even I looked at some of the workouts and started sweating bullets—This was going to be fireeeee. I hoped my mind and body were ready because with it starting the next day there wasn’t any going back. Secretly I was pretty happy I decided to do a review on the program because I knew I had to finish it regardless. Kinda like signing up for a race, I was committed and had no where to go but forward.

For those like me there was whole page about runners doing the challenge and how to navigate it with your training (Huge perk of following her training is she is a runner and a coach so can help make sure you aren’t overloading)

Each week going through the calendar has the same similar workout/setup but you’ll notice high reps, more rounds and overall a slight uptick in what you are doing. This is the same principle as running: progressive overload. Progressive overload is when you gradually increase the weight, frequency, or number of repetitions in your strength training routine and challenge your body to get stronger.

Do not assume that it means it’s easy!! It’s going to push you just enough to where you feel it but aren’t thrashed and gasping for the week prior (assuming that you actually DID the week prior 😉)

Setting Up for Success:

I took Audreys advice on previewing the workout prior to starting so I didn’t have to stop a bunch. While I like to think I have a good memory sometimes I also have the memory of a goldfish so I ultimately did have to check on how to do some of the moves.

I made sure to do light weights since it’s been a while. No one gets a medal for lifting too much, all you get is frustration, an injury, and a good cry. Don’t have weights? Use cans, kids toys, or even your small child; whatever works and helps you get that sweat in! Hence my use of my daughters Elmo towel when I could find my mat if my life depended on it!

Plan out your calendar: Figure out what days will work best for you for what workout---YOU do not need to do them in order or keep the rest day the same. Make it your own and learn what works best for your training. For example, I’m not used to doing my cardio and my strength on the same day but since I didn't have any running goals or training on the forefront I went ahead and tried incorporating both on the same day

Highlighted Thoughts:

  • Holy soreness. These circuits kicked me a$$ literally and figuratively in the best way possible. Don’t discount the HIIT day workouts—I walked in way overly confident. I didn’t think this was going to be hard and that I would leave the workout feeling like I still had some energy left in the tank. HAHAHA NO.

  • Move intentionally and slowly to get the most out of the movements and working on not rushing through the workout. Not only will you have better form but allows you to really feel the muscles working.

These workouts no

joke became

the highlight of my day.

I woke up excited to do the

workouts and push myself

in a different non

running way.

Once I finished I felt

ready to tackle the

rest of the day and

like my energy level is turned on.

(Not just the 5 cups of coffee saying that!).

  • As the weeks progress try heavier weights for some moves. I found that some moves in general I could handle heavier from the get go so I always brought out a few different weight options to make sure I wouldn’t have to stop, go get them and then try to refocus. Some muscles are more developed and stronger so can handle more—Don’t be afraid to do different weights for different moves.

  • Biggest questions I get as a coach is; “Do I run or strength train first?” My answer is always the same—Whichever activity is your goal should be done first. If you are looking to PR or are training for a race, run first! If you are wanting to lift heavier then your going to strength train first. Super simply put: Priority activity IS the priortiy

Still not sure if this is right for you? Feel free to ask any questions! Want to hear it right from Audrey? Send her a DM or email——she is wonderful about getting back to you and is always happy to clarify, give tips and make sure you get the most out of this.

Sign up is opening TODAY! (4/20/2022) Head over to Audreys Instagram or her website to get the sign up link and get ready to have some fun!

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