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ABF Daily Workout Review: One Month

It’s officially been 1 full month of me trying out the new Audrey Bowman Fitness workout program---Through the holidays and all (Whoop Whoop). I wrote about my previous strength training routine HERE and even though it was good I had been waiting for Audrey to launch her new program so I could try it out. I had been following her on IG (religiously) for a while for her running content (she's also a running coach) and when she started sharing more workouts I was SUPER excited to learn that she was getting her certification. Since she’s a runner I knew she would understand what a runner needs to complement their training. (She also takes it into account for non runners incase running isn’t your main jam right now---even though I'm here to say as always "Give Running a Chance!!!"

When you sign up you get a FREE three day trial so don’t get scarred away from at least giving it a look! It’s only $20 a month which in my opinion is a steal for what you get and it’s right on par with a lot of other apps/workout programs out there. I also want to be clear that this isn’t sponsored and I pay for my membership so this is completely my own opinion and not compensated.

The few different apps I had tried all ranged from $20-$35 and a gym membership anywhere from $10-$70 so for $20 here you get more of the feel of having a personal trainer vs just following some random workout plan.

After I signed up I got to look at what the current weeks workouts looked like so I could get a feel about how the days were laid out/what type of moves to expect. I did realize within the first look though I would NOT be able to do this with my toddler around and get a proper workout so to all the moms out there I do urge you to try to schedule when you are without a kid attached if at all possible. Not a deal breaker but one takeaway I had and wanted to put out there. Unless you have a super easy kid then I'm sorry we can't be friends and I'm very jealous that your kid listens and doesn't climb all over you.

Even though her layout is Monday-Friday she stresses the fact that it is YOUR workout and you can move around stuff how you need. She also lets you know what workouts would be good if your more running focused and don’t want to do all 5 workouts. Even this week she specifically said that she advised runners to skip one of the lower body workouts since there was a lot of jumping and told us what we could sub instead so I really didn't have to give it a second thought which I'm always down for.

Truthfully I was hooked from the first workout. I loved the fact that a lot of the workout had compound moves so even though it may be a upper body/lower body day I was working the other groups as well. She includes lateral movements which most runners (guilty over here!!) tend to neglect. I now feel muscles that I haven’t felt in a hot second.

Even though I’m semi familiar with the names of moves it’s helpful that she includes a video clip for EVERY. SINGLE. MOVE. directly below the circuit you're about to do. I definitely use them for reference since I like to double check how my form should be. Plus there are modifications listed for a lot of the exercises not just when push ups are involved! Each move is outlined for when you should use weights, no weights and if there is a modification to skip the weights, etc. I am not a gym connoisseur or ripped with a 6 pack and I do manage to get through the whole workout/circuits and sets. Even if you haven't done a workout program before, I do believe that someone just starting out would be able to do the workouts. I would recommend just starting slow (IE: No weights, use the modifications and don't push for the extra round right off the bat). But if you are focused on getting better I think any fitness level would be able to do it. Plus it does get pretty addicting to be able to do that move that was hard last week with ease this week or be able to make it through the whole circuit without rest!

Throughout this month I've comfortably increased from 5-8lbs weights with some 12lbs thrown in and already feel stronger in my running. I’ve started engaging my muscles more doing every day things (hello mountains of laundry). I haven’t weighed myself or measured because for me that’s not what I’m looking to get out of it but I do feel like I look more toned so I'll still take it. I want to be stronger and fitter for my running and overall I don’t really want to focus on my weight because low weight doesn’t automatically equal better performance. I’m healthy and need to to focus on fueling NOT dieting.

Currently I’m choosing to do all 5 days of the ABF daily workout and running 3-4 times a week depending on my schedule and toddler cooperation 🤣.

This is what’s working for ME right now but you need to do what’s right for you. If that means running 4 days and strength training 2 days that’s ok! It’s all about what your goals are. I’m currently trying to boost my base up so running, while is super important to me, isn’t my "A" goal right now. My "A" goal is getting stronger to support my running so if that means I do 5 days strength and run only 3 days that’s ok. If your wanting to make running your "A" goal and want to PR, run a race or some other goal then running needs to be the main thing you do with the strength training being added as a bonus/maintenance.

If you have questions about the program feel free to message me or even reach out to Audrey herself! She is great about answering questions and has a true passion for what she does.

You can visit her site HERE and her Instagram HERE

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