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ABF Daily Review: 9 Month Update!

It has now been 9(!!!!)Months since I signed up for ABF daily and I've been doing it consistently ever since.

I wrote my initial review after 1 month HERE and decided to do an additional up date now that I have more time and experience (also some pretty awesome muscles!) (seriously it’s not that long, go read it—-I’ll wait....)

Audrey puts so much work into these workouts and kindly makes notes on what workout she recommends for runners and gives you a total of 5 different workouts a week. Normally 2 upper body, 2 lower body and a full body day. She will switch it up with extra core or benchmark workouts which is always a fun challenge but the normal flow is usually the 2,2,1 routine which I love. The nice thing is that you don’t have to do the specific days exactly, you can move them around to fit your schedule. As a runner I take full advantage of that. I personally like my upper days to coincide with my runner days. It works for me but you may find you like leg days on run days instead. Totally up to you and easy to find what you prefer!

I am still over the moon with the program and feel fitter than I have in a long time and it has helped to improve my running a lot. As a coach I know the importance of strength training but struggled for a long time to make the time for it and had a hard time finding easy to follow plans that also actually gave results.

Since I've started ABF I have noticed I am able to “kick” at the end of my runs and engage my stride much more. I feel controlled and solid and don't have a hard time bring all my groceries in as one trip (real life goals here) I feel my ankles and lower legs have gotten more steady and I don’t fear turns or the occasional misstep anymore. Above all else, my knees haven’t ached/done that really annoying crackling sound in forever (thank you squats!) Plus if I'm being honest my a$$ has become a brick house---I still can't' twerk BUT at least my glutes are strong!!!

Even the other week I didn’t do my strength training at all due to my entire schedule being thrown into a blender and then a wood chipper and I noticed how much more sore/achy/stiff I was on my runs and my day to day. Immediately after I did my first workout back I felt like my legs told me they were happy I loved them again. It didn't take long for me to get back into my routine and my runs to be more on track. Especially with marathon training I need to keep all aspects strong to give myself the best chances to have a strong race which include my strength training complimenting my miles as they grow.

I know working out at home isn’t for everyone so I do appreciate the fact that the workouts can also be done at the gym if your feeling like getting your sweat on there instead. Having the ability to do it from home, especially with my daughter to juggle, has made it that much easier to find some time even if it’s not ideal.

I have no clue if I’ve lost weight since I no long weigh myself but I have toned and tightened for sure. Even though it’s not my main objective for strength training I can’t say I don’t like it!

If your still on the fence or looking for a great workout plan I HIGHLY recommend signing up and giving it a shot! You get 3 free trial days and it’s still only $20 a month after that. I spend more than that on random stuff I don’t need—-these workouts are now not a luxury but a necessity!

Sign up and be sure to give it a try!!

She is also closing signup in just over a day for her 2nd Prime Up Challenge so if you are looking for something extra to get you started give it a look see!!!

Curious about something that I didn’t cover here? Email me at INFO@RUNNINGANDSCHMIDT.COM or DM me on Instagram!

Happy lifting and running everyone!

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