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A Simple Guide to Side Hustles and Self-Care

With a new year in full swing now, a lot of people are focusing on new goals, new jobs and new side hustles as well to make a little extra $$$.

Today I am sharing a great piece written by Sheila Johnson at

Even though these tips are focused on side hustle and self care, the same principles can be applied to our running, goal races, and aspirations of any kind. Lot's of good stuff here, take what you need and make it action in your life!

A Simple Guide to Side Hustles and Self-Care

Working on your side hustle can make you feel burned out or run down. That's why remembering self-care while running your side hustle is vital for both your health and your productivity. Below are some helpful tips for staying healthy and productive as you earn extra money on the side.

Get Enough Sleep

Okay, so maybe you've heard this one before, but it's still true: Sleep deprivation leads to lower productivity. A Harvard report found that lack of sleep reduces your ability to learn and retain information. You also have reduced efficiency and productivity while working and are prone to making errors.


Exercise isn't just good for your body; it's also good for your brain. The benefits of exercise for your brain are well-documented. It helps with brain functioning, improves memory, fights stress, and helps with depression. Exercise can also help you focus, give you more energy, and keep you alert. As for your side hustle, exercise can help you be more productive.

Surround Yourself With People Who Support You

Having friends who understand the challenges of entrepreneurship can help you stay sane. Surround yourself with positive people who are supportive, encouraging, and uplifting. Find friends who'll help you grow—but who'll also make you laugh and take your mind off work when needed.

Take Time Out

It's tempting to keep working after your regular work hours are over, but it's the worst thing you can do for yourself and your sanity. Pushing yourself to stay up until dawn just to get some more work done won't help your business, and it'll likely do more damage in the long run. Even if you're working alone from home, give yourself permission to shut off your computer and spend time relaxing.

Time in Nature

Being outdoors and in nature has amazing benefits for the brain. Being outside lowers blood pressure, increases energy, increases focus and attention, and boosts the immune system.

Focus on Your Hobbies

Be creative with your hobbies and find ways to incorporate them into your everyday life. For example, if you enjoy writing, write in your journal every morning. If you enjoy cooking, learn a new dish to make once a week.

Listen to Music

When you're stressed out, every conversation feels like a root canal. Listening to music can help lighten the mood and make your day more pleasant. Low background music can create a relaxed work atmosphere, allowing you to focus on tasks.

Get Some Help

Hire help for certain tasks so you can focus on running your business. If you're a solopreneur, it's impossible to do everything yourself. If you're feeling overwhelmed, consider outsourcing some of your work. For instance, you can hire a virtual assistant to handle tasks like data entry or find a bookkeeper to crunch the numbers. If you'd like to structure your side business as a limited liability company (LLC), check the regulations in your state. There are LLC formation services online that can help you get set up and avoid hefty lawyer's fees. You may ask, Do I need an LLC to start a business? No, but you do enjoy a variety of benefits such as pass-through taxation if you do!

Be Happy and Productive

Self-care may seem like a luxury when you have a side hustle, but it's essential to your productivity and your happiness, too. Visit Running & Schmidt for more tips on how exercise can help keep you focused.

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