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A Look at My Training Week

I say the word training loosely. I’m not specifically training for anything but just training my body to have a better base. Is that a thing? Well if not I’m making it a thing. I proclaim it now!

While there is base building, I’m proclaiming this my base training instead because it makes me feel more productive. Word play makes all the difference to me and my outlook and so if giving it a fun title helps keep me going, then I'm all for it.

With the holidays, life and scheduling it has been a hit or miss but I started changing up my routine a few weeks ago and it helped. While you may have seen me share on Instagram I recently signed up for Audrey Bowman Fitness and her new program and have been HOOKED. This is in no way sponsored but I whole heartedly encourage you to try it out. You won’t be sorry! Check out Audrey's Instagram here

Up until this point I had been trying to workout with my daughter present but it became too hard. I don’t have the picturesque “I work out with my kid and it’s magical” pictures. I have the “kid on my back that’s pulling my hair as I struggle to breathe” pictures.

So I started waking up earlier than I had been already and decided to become a morning workouter....UGHHHHHHH. So now 5 mornings a week I’m sweating and pumping along to some heavy rap music before 5:30am. I like getting it done and knowing that no matter what I accomplished one thing today (other than keeping the tiny human happy and fed)


Woke up and got my lower body workout in before the sun came up, did our normal morning routine and made it out for my first run of the week for a total of 4 miles with the stroller. With the kid allowing I’ve been trying to get 4 miles in with the stroller just to work on my mental game. I wrote about having a hard time getting past 4 miles HERE and ever since have really focused on trying to move past breaking 4 but sometimes it still just doesn't happen. All I can do is be ok with it because I can only expect so much with the stroller. That thing is hard to push!!! This run was nothing to write home about but it was miles and I’ll take it. Even though humble brag I was excited to see mile 2 dip under 10 min!


Did my upper body workout and took a low key walk. Meanwhile I still felt the burn and mixed up the upper body workout with 5lbs weights , 8lbs weights and resistance bands----OOPH!!! I try to run every other day since my body seems to respond to it so unless I really am feeling it I just walk and do my normal day to day activity after my strength training is done. Not eventful but I always try to take the "rest" aspect of training and not push hard to the wall at ever chance I get.


Timing just didn’t work out and my kid had no interest in being in the stroller sooooooo guess who didn’t get her run?? Salty? Maybe..... This is when I admit it's hard to stick to the every other day running schedule because between #momlife and only 24 hours in a day it tends to be hard to have that "perfect plan". Hence this picture perfect fuel right here---Holiday Captn Crunch and some coffee. If that doesn't make you want to pick up and run and be healthy IDK what does. You're welcome for this envy worthy meal. More to come on the Schmidt Meal Prep...


This was a core focused day on the strength training schedule and holy moly I felt parts of my core that I’m not convinced existed until today. I know my core is important but let’s just say I hadn’t been doing a ton of core work unless you count laughing so hard your belly hurts. I had to actually do life productive stuff like food shopping since the husband was off which equaled no time or energy left to run. Such first world problems but dang it momma wants to run!!!! Cue my favorite shirt of all coffee cuz it is what it is.


Upper body workout in the AM and I was hell bent on running.

Good news: I had another early riser in the house who could watch the baby monitor while I snuck out for some stroller free miles.

Bad News: it was freezing and I wasn’t prepared. Plus about 3/4 of a mile in I get a text that my daughter was up.

But I headed back and ended with just under 1.5miles. Even though I had no feeling left from the cold I think it felt good? For new readers I am a born and raised Floridian and anything under 70 is cold for me, this morning it was in the 50’s so basically all of my functions shut down from the freezing temps.

Once the day got going I negotiated some stroller running cooperation for Cheerios and Goldfish (she drives a hard bargain) surprisingly my kid LIKES the cold (I would too if I got snacks and a fluffy Finding Nemo blankly IJS). Either way though I was happy to be able to continue my run. She stayed happy so I told myself just keep going and crushed out another 4 miles before the snack stash was depleted just like my energy levels. To top off already feeling like a stone cold badass (literally stone cold) I was pumped to see almost all my miles in the 9’s!!! Which NEVER happens with the stroller. While I hate to admit it my running seems to like the cooler temps even though I am less than enthusiastic. Unless I'm inside with coffee/tea and don't have to move from my blanket and fuzzy socks. If I'm ever lost in a frozen tundra I don't have high hopes on making it past an hour before I'm a solid ice cube.


Full body/lower body workout which was enough for me after double dipping the day before so embraced the strength and basked in the fact that I finally got to run yesterday!!! I normally try to take a full rest day--No strength, no running and no other workouts. I may do a leisurely walk or something of that nature but since I do have a small child it's not like I really sit that much anyway. I count momming as cross training cuz it's basically a full contact sport itself.


I’ve been itching to run 6 miles since I got to a couple weeks ago. There’s just something about that number that felt right. It was longer than I had been going but not so far out that I felt like it would destroy me. The weather was good, timing was right and I headed out while the coast was clear. I put on what I now have labeled “Sunday Run” playlist which is pretty badass if I do say so myself. It's a mix of Kesha, Cardi B, with Baby Shark remix throw in there just to remind me to calm down a bit.

I felt really good and strong through the first 4 miles and then as if on cue mile 5 the sun came out and it felt like I was in satins armpit. As you can tell I slowed down a bit but regained my energy and powered through to run a full 10k which I don’t think I’ve done since my half marathon training.

I proceeded to come home, eat and took the most random 45 min nap which I never ever do. But there I was on my couch passed out while the husband and the kid gleefully played outside and let me sleep. (He’s awesome and I plan to keep him)

While my week didn’t look like I had planned or go how I would have liked I was happy to round out the week with almost 16 miles and all of my strength sessions checked off. Not every week looks good and some obviously look better but I’m enjoying the “light version” of training and just kinda playing around with what my body can do/handle.

What do you think of the training recap? Helpful? Interesting? Want more?

Let me know!

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