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7 Tips To Start Running

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Just go!

But for real, it all starts with that simple notion. In order to run, you have to start.

I will never sugar coat it, it's not going to be easy. You will want to quit more times than any of us "established" runners will admit. But I can guarantee it is 100% worth it and it will give you confidence, the feeling of accomplishment and a bunch of random IG friends that you may have never had otherwise.

So you've made the decision to start running, GREAT!!! Now what? Here are a few tips, tricks and some sound advice on what I think new runners can benefit from:

  • Don't expect it to happen over night: Running and not feeling like you are about to fall apart won't come naturally for most of us. It's going to be about mini goals and consistency.

  • Running doesn't mean running at an all out effort: You need to start out slow and build up your stamina and aerobic base. You will want to lightly run, breathe easy and have it be as manageable as possible. "Easy" running actually should make up most of your miles so don't feel like you are the only one doing it!

  • Don't run day after day: I am a big advocate for every other day running. You can strength train, walk or bike on the days off to keep busy and stay active but when your starting out I really advise giving your body a day in between to avoid the impact.

  • Invest in a coach: Shamless plug here but I really am an advocate for beginners to hire a running coach. Not only will it insure that you are building a good base and starting off on the right foot, we can provide plans specifically tailored to you, your lifestyle and you needs. While there are plenty of articles, free plans, and couch to 5k's there is nothing that can replace someone in your corner, checking up with you and being invested in you running safely and enjoying it!

  • Get good shoes: This is where going to your local running store can really help out. They can see how you run, walk, move and recommend what brand/style would work best. Bonus: They are used to beginners coming in and can let you know some groups in the area or good routes to go!

  • Speaking of mini goals: When you go out for a run have no expectation on distance or pace. Instead try focusing on running past 5 mailboxes then walking for 5. Repeat a few times and see how it feels. Rather go by time? Run for 1 min then walk for a 1 min and repeat.

  • Have fun with it: Don't be afraid to be silly, make a dorky podcast, buy a super bright running outfit that makes you smile. We all do this for ourselves and we need to remember that running, exercising, and being healthy shouldn't be a punishment. Enjoy the movement, enjoy the fresh air, and enjoy the journey.

I have a soft spot for new runners especially since I remember so vividly when I started out how alone I felt, how I had no clue what I was doing and how I wondered when I would ever feel good running. It's one of the biggest reasons I became a running coach. I wanted to help people love running and know that no matter what there skill level they could do it. I wanted to be someone they could turn to that could tell them they were doing a great job.

Even if you don't take me on as a coach, I am always here to give you a high five and a WAY TO GO!
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