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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

If you are buying for someone on your list or just peaking for yourself (no judgement) I got you covered!

I have fun gifts, practical gifts, and gifts that help to fill the soul. I tried to give a range of price points so you aren't spending your whole paycheck and a lot of these make great stocking stuffers too!

  • Maurten Gels: Their gels (without caffeine) have been a life saver during my marathon cycle. While I usually prefer whole food options due to other gels giving me stomach issues these went down easy and didn't give me the dreaded backlash (looking at you runner trots!). While they are pricier they are 100% worth it. They have little to no taste and aren't goopy which makes them convenient and virtually mess free even for the less coordinated (me, I am the less coordinated lol)

  • Nuun Tablets: Another staple that has carried me through marathon training and helped too boost everything from hydration to immunity. I use the Sports tablets on the run and make sure to pop and immunity tab every other day to insure that I am giving my system a extra boost between the stress of training plus having a little one in school. (Full disclosure I am an ambassador for them but doesn’t change that I love them!)

  • Picky Bars: These are the go to bars for Molly Seidel which is an added bonus but even without the running celebrity endorsement these are solid bars. Made with real ingredients, vegan options and gluten free there is a bar for just about every taste and stomach. Great to throw in your purse/gym bag for on the go snacking or just when you want something easy and fast to ease the run-get. I highly recommend testing them all and finding your favorite from there---may just surprise your taste buds!

  • Paper Trails Greeting CO.: A bada$$ women owned small business brining back the lost art of writing and FUN mail. When is the last time you wrote a card out to someone that wasn't for a birthday/wedding? These cards can fit a multitude of occasions and add some humor that all of us runners can appreciate. Brighten up someones day by sending them a fun card filled with funniest or deep thoughts. I have some on my wall just as decoration!

  • Tifosi Optics glasses---I included these last year too and they are still my top sunglasses. They are comfy for long runs, a day at the beach and just driving around. At as low as $25 you can justify a new pair and not break the bank!

  • Athletic Brewing Company NA beer—-another disclaimer I am an ambassador with them but after I stopped drinking this has been an amazing substitute. They give back a ton to the running community and their flavors are SO good. Full disclosure I am an ambassador for them and if you use my code (SHELBYS20) on your first order you can get 20% off. (Full disclosure I am an ambassador for them but doesn’t change that I love them!)

  • Road ID: Be honest, how many of us actually have anything to identify us when we go on our outdoor adventures? If you are someone who remembers to bring their ID with them then how many times do you forget to put it back in your wallet? The easy fix for both of these problems is a RoadID. They make function and practical converge into an easy to wear bracelet, tag, etc. that quickly would help someone get in touch with you emergency contacts if heaven forbid you weren't able to verbally tell them. Safety doesn't have to be scary--be proactive and get one for yourself too while you are at it.

  • Sarah Marie Designs: Runner, mother, women owned small business that allows us to wear our obsession with running loud and proud. Mugs, T's, tanks and just about anything you can ask for announcing your running status with fun saying, all too true jokes and flair to make it acceptable for ever day wear. My ultimate favorite T is "Mama Needs a Run" and it's safe to say that I constantly stalk the site and IG for new styles/designs! Special bonus is that she has race specific designs too that make sure you can have a extra souvenir other than you medal. Use code Running&Schmidt for a 10% discount on your order! (Full disclosure I am an ambassador for them but doesn’t change that I love them and by using my code I do receive a small commission at no cost to you---I appreciate the support!)

  • Koala Clip—-Can't get enough of this women owned small business that makes going for a run just that little bit easier. While there are many products out there to carry your phone with, this one is the only one that makes me forget about it. This handy clip keeps your phone zipped up in its own pouch and fits nice and snuggly into the back of your sports bra. All us women wear a bra while running so why not make it work WITH us. Coming in different styles, sizes and colors there is one for everybody. Still on the fence? Check out my detailed review HERE and feel free to reach out with any questions!

  • Erica Sara Design: Coming in hot on the list again this year, Erica Sara Designs and her handmade jewelry! A women owned small business powerhouse making everything in her at home studio in North Carolina. Mostly everything on her site can be customized one way or another and the best part is if you don't see what you want she offers full custom pieces! My mantra washer necklace is always on during my runs and gives me that little edge to push just one more mile!

  • Rabbit Running Clothing: I have been an ambassador for them now for 2 years and finally worked up the courage to try out a Crop Hop and let me tell you they have become my favorite! Keeping with a theme of women founded companies this one obviously had to make the list. With a mixture of styles, colors and fits you can find something to run in, relax in or just rock while running errands. Use my link HERE to get 15% off your order!

  • Mizuno Shoes: Specifically any of the sales in the Waveknit form—-they make my feet happy! I had never loved a pair of running shoes until I tried Mizuno. While my original style isn't in production anymore check out my review HERE to get an idea on what I love about them. Just bought a new version and will have to do another update but spoiler alert they are just as amazing and will be carrying through my marathon. Happy feet = happy running

  • Aftershokz: These are legit the only earphones I will where outside since I am a safety nut of epic proportions. While sitting comfortably toward the front of my ear I can easily hear cars, dogs or feisty squirrels coming towards me. Easy to locate volume buttons allow my to adjust according to my music jams without breaking my stride. Awarness saves lives and these give me the best of both worlds- safety and music to get me through the miles. No affiliation but use and code ONTHERUN for 15% off and support Ali on The Run while you are at it!

Favorite Charities:

Feeling generous towards others and want to support great causes spreading good all year round? Consider donating to one of the charities below. Each with there own cause, support and mission they have one things in common: helping others

  • No Kid Hungry: Working to provide food to kids throughout the US. While $50 can provide 500 MEALS, no donation is too small to help. Making sure kids have access to nutritious foods not only during school closures but all year round.

  • Brave Like Gabe: Founded by the late Gabe Grunewald this charity helps to raise money for rare cancer research while carrying on her incredible legacy. Support with an outright donation, buying merch or signing up for the annual 5k!

  • Still I Run : Supporting running AND mental health, two topics I am passionate about. Knowing how much running hs improved my own mental health I love that they work with runners to share the benefits. Working to end the stigma one step and mile at a time.

  • Live Like Jake: Helping spread awareness for ISR and on a mission to END childhood drowning. Started by a local mom after losing her son to a fatal drowning she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness, open a facility for year round lesson and been able to provide scholarships to those who wouldn't otherwise have access. If you don't know about ISR definitely check them out!

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: Even though the impact of cancer is felt no matter the age, my momma heart holds a special spot for the children affected by this horrible disease. Removing the financial burden for the families going through this fight while also continuing research for various types of cancer it's a cause that I can fully get behind.

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